The Wasp QuickStore retail POS software has comprehensive features for retail shops making it ideal for Gift Shops, Fashion / Clothing / Footwear outlets, Sports Shops, Jewellery Shops and similar types of business.

The QuickStore retail pos software is purchased as a permanent license outright, there are no ongoing monthly or annual license fees to use it. It operates on our Windows-based POS terminals.

Develiped in the USA, the UK version of QuickStore is set to £Sterling currency and also allows multiple VAT rates.

Quickstore POS software is available in either Standard edition or Professional edition. The Professional edition has additional functions as staff timeclock, contract pricing, enhancement pricing and stock management and a wider range of reports.

Price above is for license only with CD-ROM media. Set up, Staff Training and Support Services available to purchase separately.

With QuickStore you can print mini sales receipts or A4 invoices. The Gift Certificate feature allows you to print serialised gift vouchers which can be redeemed by the customer against a future purchase. For account customers, there is also the facility to print a Statement to show invoices outstanding and payments due.

The customers module of QuickStore Retail POS Software can be used as a contact database to keep a sales history for each customer. You can also define a Percentage Discount if the customer is part of a loyalty scheme. For account customers, you can specify a credit limit.

Products can be registered by either scanning the barcode, entering the product code or using the Search function to search by category/brand. Non-programmed items can be sold as Miscellaneous items, like a cash register. The Professional Edition has enhanced search features to search by name.

QuickStore has a quick and easy feature to print your own barcode labels with product name and price. It will generate its own unique barcode number if you do not have your own assigned barcode number. The compatible Zebra label printer is required for this feature, and you can choose from 2 sizes of label rolls.

QuickStore allows you to book in stock deliveries and it automatically deducts stock levels as items are sold. You can set a minimum stock level to trigger re-ordering and a maximum stock level to prevent over-stocking or over-ordering.

The sophisticated Fashion Matrix is one of the strongest features of the QuickStore POS software and gives it a distinct advantage over conventional retail pos software where each size and colour has to be created and managed as a separate product. With QuickStore's Fashion Matrix for clothes, shoes, accessories and other products sold in different colours/materials and sizes, them to be managed within a single Style record while still allowing different pricing, and still tracking stock levels for each variation.

You can create multiple user logins, with each set to the required security level giving you control over access to reports, purchasing data, price changes, void/discounts and so on.

If you have a larger retail shop or wish to also access the system in your back office, then the QuickStore Additional Lane License (available separately) allows you to run the program on an additional workstation with the same shared database.

With the QuickStore Enterprise Edition, multiple branches can be net networked together. Sales data and stock information is collected each night at a pre-determined time, allowing the head office branch to run consolidated sales reports and also view the stock information at each branch.

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