The Glory GFS-220 is a universally popular desktop banknote counter and money sorter and the latest model in the GFS-200 series. It is the currency counting machine of choice for many bank cashiers, post offices, bureau de change, large retailers, charities and cash offices due to its solid build quality, reliable fast counting speed and high level of accuracy for counterfeit checking.

With its new design, newer technology and capacity for upto 40 currency templates the GFS220 currency counter supersedes the previous Glory GFS100 and GFS120 banknote machines, GFB series (GFB-810 / GFB-820 / GFB-830) and the legacy Brandt 8672, EV8650, EV8626 money counting machines also produced under the international DeLaRue and Talaris brands. UK-based Glory Global Solutions, inheriting 200-years plus of the Japanese origin group's manufacturing history, has consolidated the functions and demands of the previous desktop machines into the powerful GFS-220 while maintaining its affordable price.

It has a compact size, modern design, with support for GBP, EUR and USD as standard. Optional software can be factory-loaded for Scottish and N.Ireland issue banknotes. Software templates are optionally available for other major world currencies at an additional cost.

The Glory GFS220 has multiple operating modes that can count banknotes by quantity of notes and monetary value, perform sophusticated and reliable counterfeit checking, face and orient all the notes the same way, split a mixed bundle of notes into individual denominations, and batch fixed quantities of notes.

The count status, operation progress and count results are displayed on a user-friendly graphical touchscreen. Modes and operational settings can be chosen from the easy to use interface in a choice of languages.

Glory GFS220 (GFS-220) Banknote Counter & Sorter

 Robust build quality
 Compact size for desktop use
 Upto 1300 notes per minute speed
 Highly Reliable Counterfeit Detection with CIS Image Sensor
 GBP, EUR and USD as standard
 Optional templates for Scottish notes and N.Ireland notes
 Multi-currency handling (upto 40 currencies - additional cost per currency template)
 User friendly interface
 Graphical touch screen
 Note characteristics analysis on-screen
 Note size range: 55mm x 100mm to 85mm x 185mm
 Hopper Capacity: 500 notes
 Stacker Capacity: 200 notes
 Reject Pocket Capacity: 100 notes
 Standard Model net product weight: 12kg
 Fitness Model net product weight: 12.9kg
 Dimensions: 303mm × 347mm × 316mm
 Height with hopper guide: 362mm
 Power: 230v 50-60Hz

Glory GFS220 Operating Modes
 Value Counting (Mixed denominations & single denomination)
 Piece Counting
 Splitting (Denomination/Issue)
 Face and Orientation
 Batch and Add

Glory GFS220 Counterfeit Detection
 Dual CIS (Image Sensor)
 Infrared (IR)
 Ultraviolet (UV) / Fluorescence (FL)
 Magnetic Ink (MG)

Glory GFS220 Models

Two variants of the GFS-220 note sorting & counting machine are available:
 Standard model
 Fitness model (additional cost)

Standard Model
The Standard Model of the Glory GFS220 is suitable for all retail money counting use.

Fitness Model
The Fitness Model of the Glory GFS220 is an enhanced version of the machine designed for cash centres and central banks that distribute cash. It features additional sensors and advanced software that analyse the quality of each banknote to determine if it is suitable for re-use and will detect issues such as torn notes, damaged notes, faded print and over-writing. This model is only available on special order.

Glory GFS200 / GFS220 Video Presentations

GFS200 / GFS220 Video - External Link

GFS220 - Case Study - External Link

Glory GFS220 Optional Accessories & Modules

 Dust Shutter
 External Customer Display
 Integral Report Printer
 OCR Serial Number Scanning
 Software for Scottish & N. Ireland Banknotes
 Software for Additional Currencies (please contact us to check availability)

Dust Shutter optional
The optional Dust Shutter helps avoid paper dust being spread, reduces noise from the note count and provides an element of security for your money.

External Customer Display optional
The optional External Customer Display is essential for retail environments such as banks and bureau de change. The rear facing screen allows the customer to see the note count and value.

Integral Report Printer optional
The optional Integral Report Printer produces a hardcopy of your currency count results, with a breakdown by currency and denomination showing the quantity and value. It uses 57mm-width thermal paper rolls, so does not require any ink.

OCR Serial Number Scanning optional
The optional Optical Character Recognition module for Serial Number Scanning is useful for police and law enforcement departments who are required to keep an audit log of confiscated cash. This module is usually purchased in conjunction with the Integral Report Printer, or alternatively the serial number list can be exported to a PC using a data cable.

Software for Scottish & N.Ireland Banknotes optional
Scotland and N.Ireland currency templates for the GFS220 includes support for banknotes issued by all 3 Scottish issuing banks: Bank of Scotland plc, Clydesdale Bank plc and The Royal Bank of Scotland plc and all 3 N.Ireland issuing banks: Bank of Ireland (UK) plc, Northern Bank Limited / Danske Bank and Ulster Bank. The templates are pre-installed as an optional extra in addition to the standard 3 currencies (GBP, EUR, USD). The GFS220 banknote counter can be configured to either treat Scottish, N.Irish and Bank of England notes the same, or to discriminate between them.

King Charles III Software Update Included
Now shipped with the pre-installed software update for the new King Charles III banknotes which are due for release in 2024.

Glory GFS220 Banknote Counter & Sorter - Downloads

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Glory GFS220 Banknote Counter & Sorter


Standard Price: £1,945.00
(plus vat for UK orders)

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