The HONEYWELL Voyager-9540 Single-Line Laser Scanner is a versatile and reliable scanning solution. With its advanced laser technology, it provides accurate and fast barcode scanning for a variety of applications. The scanner features a single-line scan pattern, making it ideal for reading linear barcodes. It offers an ergonomic design, easy installation, and seamless integration into existing systems, making it a popular choice for businesses seeking efficient barcode scanning solutions.

Automatic Trigger
650-nanometer Laser
CodeGate Technology (VoyagerCG 9540 only)
Flash ROM
Parsing (Data Editing)

198 mm x 78 mm x 56 mm (7.8˝ x 3.1˝ x 2.2˝)

149 g (5.3 oz

Decode Capability
GS1 DataBar

Input Voltage
5 V DC

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Honeywell Voyager-9540 Laser Scanner



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