The Epson TM-U220 is a reliable and efficient dot matrix printer designed for businesses. It offers high-quality printing with its impact printing technology, making it suitable for printing receipts, invoices, and tickets. The printer features multiple connectivity options, including USB and Ethernet, allowing easy integration into various systems. With its robust construction and long-lasting performance, the Epson TM-U220 is a popular choice for businesses that require durable and dependable printing solutions.


• mPOS-friendly printer compatible with iOS, Android and Windows mobile devices
• DHCP-enabled model available for easy IP/network configuration
• Supports 802.11a/b/g/n with 2.4GHz/5GHz compatibility
• Fast print speeds of up to 6.0 lps
• Two-color printing for highlighting offers or order exceptions
• Right-side-up printing for kitchen orders
• Accommodates paper widths of 58, 70 or 76mm

Print method 9-pin, serial impact dot matrix
Print speed 4.7 lps (at 40 columns, 16 cpi), 6.0 lps (at 30 columns,
16 cpi)
Print fonts
Fonts 7 x 9 / 9 x 9
Column capacity 42/42 or 33/35 columns
Character size 1.2 x 3.1 / 1.6 x 3.1 (W x H mm)
Character set 95 Alphanumeric, 37 International, 128 x 123 Graphic
Traditional/Simplified Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Korean
Characters per inch 17.8/16 or 14.5/13.3 cpi

Epson TM-U220 Kitchen Printer



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