EPoS Systems for Take Aways

Take-Away EPOS Systems designed for busy fast food takeaways, sandwich shops, bakeries, delicatessen and mobile kiosks. Modern, reliable, affordable takeaway POS systems, with leading brand POS equipment. Our standard takeaway epos systems have no ongoing monthly or annual license fees, you pay once to buy outright and that's it. Our Android-based systems are low-cost and very easy to set up and use.

If you operate multiple take-away outlets, then our cloud-based solutions provide centralised live sales reporting and remote system management to allow you to update your menu and prices anytime. You can track product sales and cash/card takings as they occur, monitor hourly sales performance at each branch and stock levels of drinks, food and ingredients. You can vary the menu and prices at each branch if required. With the loyalty points systems, customer records and points can be shared across your branch network.

On LoyVerse Android-based EPoS systems support the Otter platform where a monthly subscription allows you to integrate orders from Just Eat, Deliveroo and Uber Eats onto your single POS terminal thereby avoid having to have multiple systems and devices on your front counter.

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