The Glory Mach SCW-20 is a third-generation coin sorting machine with a 7" colour touch screen display. The SCW-20 combines high precision and reliability for businesses that process a high volume of coins.

The Mach SCW-20 machine supersede the previous Mach 6 machine with more advanced technology and additional module options. It provides a more powerful alternative to the entry-level Mach 3 coin sorter and a more compact and affordable alternative to the floor-standing Mach 9e coin processor.

Glory Mach SCW-20 - Standard Model
Glory Mach SCW-21 - Authentication Model with Reject Compartment

The Glory Mach SCW-21 Authentication Model provides a coin authentication security feature and an off-sort reject pocket - this model is recommended for car parks, vending machine operators, charities and other establishments such as churches, mosques, temples, synagogues etc. that collect mixed coins from a variety of sources.

Note: On the standard Mach SCW-20 model without Authentication you will need to manually inspect the coins prior to loading to ensure no counterfeit / damaged / foreign coins are present, otherwise it will pause with an error or mis-sort whenever an unidentifiable or damaged coin is encountered.

Whereas on the Mach SCW-21 the count process will continue uninterrupted as foreign or damaged coins are off-sorted into the reject compartment.

The Glory Mach SCW-20 and Mach SCW-21 heavy-duty coin sorting & counting machines have an optional auto feed hopper that provides higher capacity and allows hands-free operation in very high-volume applications.

Glory Mach SCW-20 Main Features

* Currency: GBP
* 7" colour touch screen
* Streamlined keyboard
* Speed: Upto 3000 coins per minute
* Sorts upto 8 denominations
* Standard internal hopper capacity: upto 1500 coins
* Dimensions: 288 x 449 x 581 mm
* Net Weight: 28kg
* Printer port
* 2 USB ports
* 1 RS232 Serial port

Glory Mach SCW-21 Authentication Model - Additional Features

* Coin authentication
* Off-sort reject pocket
* Speed without Authentication: Upto 3000 coins per minute
* Speed with Authentication: Upto 2000 coins per minute

Optional Modules / Accessories / Services

* Stand/Trolley with Bagging Attachments (doors not included)
* Integrated Report Printer
* Remote Display
* Services for Installation & Operator Training
* Maintenance Contract
* Alternative currency (EUR, USD) - Special Order only
* Auto-feed Hopper (capacity for upto 7,000 coins) - Special Order only

Please Contact Us for availability & pricing information on the Services and Special Order items.

Glory Mach SCW20 / SCW21 Video Presentation

Glory Mach SCW20 / SCW21 Video - External Link

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Glory SCW20 Coin Sorting & Counting Machine - Downloads

  Glory SCW20 Coin Sorting & Counting Machine Brochure

Glory SCW20 Coin Sorting & Counting Machine


Standard Price: £3,925.00
(plus vat for UK orders)

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